Are you overwhelmed with trying to understand how HIPAA intersects with your technology? You’re not alone, most providers are.


Is your data protected? Are your passwords and security mechanisms up to date? Are you compliant? How do you become compliant? These are just a few of the many questions providers ask.


We’ve been implementing technology in this area for over 15 years and we understand how to address these concerns. We can help you figure out how to secure your data, transmit protected health information(PHI) over the internet, and prevent unauthorized access into your systems.


While very few things are considered 100% HIPAA compliant we have the expertise to guide you toward better compliance without significantly interrupting your practices workflow.

There’s an old saying about how a thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Let us help you take the first step, you’ll be on the road to better compliance before you know it.

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